Teaming Partner Collaboration for Task Orders

Managing your teaming partners is now simplified across your MACs, IDIQs, GWACs, task orders and other contract vehicles with Octant’s collaborative platform .

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Collaborate with teaming partners.

Today’s ultra-competitive environment requires dynamic collaboration with a variety of teaming partners and subcontractors. Octant brings industry-leading tools to help you manage task orders across distributed teaming environments by centralizing data, assets and communications.

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Manage data calls efficiently.

Managing cumbersome data calls with partners and subcontractors has never been so easy. Octant streamlines the data call process so that you can be more productive. And our real-time status reporting – with alerts and notifications – helps you stay on top of requests so that you don’t miss a thing.
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Partner collaboration.

Collaborate with external teaming partners in a secure, centralized environment.


Partner matching.

With Octant’s powerful partner matching engine, you can quickly identify alternate teaming partners and subcontractors.


Partner analytics.

Review and analyze qualifications, certifications and performance for teaming partners and subcontractors.

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Higher value than competing solutions.

Octant works with and like the world’s leading business solutions, allowing your people to work within the applications they’re most familiar with AND within a role-tailored environment—reducing training, driving user adoption, and speeding processes for fast and ongoing return on investment

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Watch Proposal Management VideoOctant: An integrated BD platform for GovConIs Octant Right for You?