Octant: Managing the Science of Capture and Proposal Management

Octant has spent almost a decade of development to create an off-the-shelf software platform to simplify the complexities of capture, proposal, RFP and IDIQ task order management processes for organizations.

Managing the Complex (Capture, Proposal and IDIQ Task Order Management)

Octant helps simplify the complexities of proposal management, task order proposals, capture management – and makes it all look seamless – just as easy as it is to buy your Mom a birthday gift.

Octant provides over a decade of software development expertise in capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management software tools with it’s amazing Octant’s Power Tools™. Organizations save literally thousands of hours of time – eliminating the mundane and allowing teams to focus on capturing, qualifying and creating high-quality proposal responses – a task you can not achieve with basic SharePoint tools and plug-ins.

We amplify the intent of Proposal Management for SharePoint capabilities by going beyond basic SharePoint plugins and simple document management meta-tag techniques. Octant’s platform delivers a high power software integrated capture and proposal resource software platform so that capture and proposal managers can be more productive and improving the content quality of your proposal responses. We look forward to helping you!

For more information about our Proposal Management and IDIQ Task Order Proposal Management Software, read more information here.

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