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Based on our proven enterprise capture and proposal management software,
Octant improves every aspect of the bid, capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management lifecycle.
Octant: An integrated BD platform for GovConWatch Proposal Management Video

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A modern capture, proposal and IDIQ task order software platform.

From initial capture management through proposal development and contract award, Octant helps you unite business and technology so that you can focus on developing winning proposals in response to complex requirements – typically used with federal government contractors (GovCon) and firms with complex content creation or approval workflows. Octant’s capture and proposal management software provides an intelligent, integrated system that improves collaboration, enforces discipline and optimizes performance.

Online proposal management software

Power that enables high performance.

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Capture Management, Proposal Management and IDIQ Task Order proposal management software

Flexible licensing that expands and contracts with your workload.

With our unique model, customers have the flexibility to quickly spin-up capture, proposal and color teams for reviews and then ramp down following the submission of a proposal. We give your proposal center managers the control and power to get the most out of your virtual proposal center, your past performance and your teaming partners.

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Capture and Proposal management software for Microsoft sharepoint

Optimizes even the most complex environments.

Octant has the power to greatly improve bid, capture and proposal management within your organization, particularly if you operate in complex, dynamic and multi-partner environments.

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