Capture Management Software for Government Proposals

Competition is increasing in today’s government IDIQ Task Order Management RFP proposal based environment, winning new federal contracts can be more complex than ever and requires integrated collaboration software tools designed specifically for Capture Managers and Capture Management.

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It's FINALLY here!!!

That’s right! A capture management software tool that doesn’t treat your capture plan like just another document in yet another document management system. And worse yet, your critical capture management information is buried deep within PowerPoint, Word (or was it Excel this time?)!

Octant’s capture management tools free you of the many limitations of storing business development information in various file formats. And our database-driven capture management tools give you instant access to critical opportunity-specific information and tie it all together with your uniquely defined gate review and workflow processes. Never be out of control again!

And for those who can’t imagine a capture plan outside of PowerPoint, don’t worry – we still allow you to see it in PowerPoint too (or Word, if that’s your thing)!

Capture management software capabilities.

Central location to store capture plans, CPARS, PWIN and other capture management assets

Capture Management

Store previous capture plans, proposals, past performance in a central area

Capture Planning Tools and Capture management software

Capture planning

Create capture plans with our capture management tools

Calculate PWIN and other internal capture metrics for Capture Management, Capture Plans and Capture Managers

Analytics and
win/loss insight

Access win/loss data and other key reporting metrics

Create and manage your capture plan with our Capture Management tools


Create work areas where members, including teaming partners, can collaborate securely

Manage your capture plan and capture management gate and review processes

Win theme

Store and retrieve opportunity information easily

Search and manage your capture plan, manage your PWIN and identify how to position your solution with best practices of capture management

full-text search

Locate customer information easily by using full text, metatag and Boolean search capabilities

Bid, capture, proposal management software using SharePoint. Using SharePoint for IDIQ Task Order Management

Maximize enterprise knowledge by centralizing capture management assets.

Organize previous capture plans and proposals, past performance references, contract data, resumes, CPARS and more in a centralized repository with high-speed, full-text search capabilities.

Enable immediate access to critical customer related information, past performance and data.

Enable virtual teams (teaming partners and your internal teams) to collaborate effectively and securely across functions, units, organizations and locations.

Safeguard the confidentiality of proprietary information across the various tiers of the capture planning and proposal management team.

Bid, capture management, proposal management and IDIQ task order management software

Higher value than competing solutions.

Octant’s proposal management software platform works with and like the world’s leading business solutions, allowing your people to work within the applications they’re most familiar with AND within a role-tailored environment—reducing training, driving user adoption, and speeding processes for fast and ongoing return on investment.

Octant goes beyond simple plug-ins and basic meta-tag configurations of document collaboration systems with real off-the-shelf software with sophisticated features and proven business value.

With over a decade of development, you have access to the countless features of our amazing platform – AND perhaps more importantly, you also have direct access to our engineering and customer support teams for immediate support issues!