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There is a 25 user minimum. There is no limit on the maximum number of users.

Absolutely. We take Microsoft SharePoint® and other document management systems to the next level. Our platform is simple to use, brings discipline to the complex proposal processes and enhances business processes and performance for your proposal teams. Please contact us for additional information on how our software is specifically designed to work specifically with SharePoint® and other document management systems.

Octant is a designed from the ground up to easily integrate with several database and back-office systems. We recognize that integration capabilities are crucial and don’t want you to cannibalize your capital investments in other software systems. Our software is compatible with the following systems:

  • Deltek
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dyanmics CRM

Octant provides organizations with the following features and capabilities:

  • A centralized sales repository for holding all information from previous proposals, current proposal elements, templates and standard processes, as well as sales information.
  • Streamlined sales and proposal execution tools for helping sales and proposal managers select team members and assign work. Once assigned, Octant also automatically tracks the status of tasks.
  • Quality control, performance and process workflows for helping authors develop content.
  • In-depth reporting for monitoring progress automatically and relaying it in the format required by the management team.
  • Version control with full audit trail for all proposal content, including the graphics library, which identifies the complete proposal development history.
  • High-speed search engine that makes previous proposal information easy to find and incorporate by using full-text, meta-tag and Boolean search capabilities.
  • Collaborative, secure work area where all tools and information are available to team members to create and manage virtual proposal workspaces.
  • Extensive system compatibility that integrates with customer relationship management, accounting and other back-office systems, including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and Deltek.

The cloud version of Octant is hosted out of regional data centers managed by world-class providers. Each certified data center facility includes highly secured network and physical security technology and procedures, 24-7, on-site security guards and monitoring, and data backup with secure off-site storage.

For more details on our hardware and software requirements, please refer to our system requirements.

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Watch videoIs Octant Right for You?