Octant: A Modern Capture and Proposal Development Software Platform

Complex RFPs and proposals can lead to big wins – or even bigger headaches. A feature-rich proposal management software solution, Octant gives your capture and proposal management teams a platform so good – it’s patented!
No more chasing paper trails. No more losing proposal content. No more ineffective software and tools that drive your capture and proposal teams crazy.
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Bid, capture and proposal management software

A focused tool for a unique challenge.

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Capture and proposal and contract management software

Rich toolset to optimize performance.

  • Octant Power Tools™ save time and improve accuracy throughout the business development lifecycle.
  • Native co-authoring tool supported by Microsoft improves productivity.
  • Supports real-time joint editing and simultaneous reviewers – allowing multiple people to edit a single document at the same time. This is a game changer for Red Team, Gold Team and any other color team review.
  • Smart analytics and robust searching mechanisms.
  • Customizable dashboards for at-a-glance insight.
  • Turnkey work processes that minimize risk.

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Proposal management software comparison

Product stability, backed by Microsoft, future proof.

  • Octant is a Microsoft Silver ISV Partner; tested and certified by Microsoft.
  • Built from the ground up on the Microsoft technology stack.
  • Protects current Microsoft investment and the ability to add functionality as Microsoft expands its features.

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Document management software proposal

Integration with common business tools to maximize productivity.

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Web based proposal management software

Scalability for the future.

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