Octant Features: Innovation and Leadership beyond 'me-too' collaboration tools

Octant features a powerful suite of capture management, proposal management and IDIQ task order management software capabilities that improve and support the business development lifecycle process.
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Bid, capture management, proposal management and IDIQ task order management software

Software made easy to solve complex BD life-cycle problems.

Available in the cloud or on-premises (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS), Octant helps you navigate the full procurement process (capture management, proposal management, bid management, IDIQ task order management and contract management) by going beyond the show limits of simple SharePoint ‘plug-ins’ and changing basic meta-tag information.

  • Octant PowerTools™: Advanced software tools that save you an incredible amount of time WHILE increasing your proposal content quality.
  • Deep business analytics and patented algorithms to support informed bid/no-bid decisions
  • Customizable workflows based on capture, task order and proposal management best practices
  • Automation of critical capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management processes
  • Professionally developed and tested software created over the past 10 years to meet the specific vertical needs of enterprise business development (capture, proposals, IDIQ task orders, teaming partners, contracts, security, API/integration, etc…).
  • A single integrated enterprise platform to take you well beyond the basic document sharing tools, simple plug-ins and point solutions that exist today.
  • Support: Highly acclaimed 24/7 support with direct access to our dedicated in-house software engineers, technicians and instructors.

Proposal development and management software

Streamlined capture, proposal / RFP and task order execution.

Request for proposal management software

Quality control, performance and process.

Octant’s PowerTools™ dramatically saves you time and increase content quality with:

  • Deep insights with bid/no-bids processes
  • Capture plan management
  • Compliance matrix and opportunity insights
  • Content, document and image automation tools
  • Content quality analysis

In addition here are just a couple of other items Octant can help you with:

  • Show writers and authors’ individual tasks, schedules, and deadlines at log-in.
  • Synchronize capture, proposal and task order events quickly and easily.
  • Access previous or approved content to maximize a team’s productivity and ensure consistent processes with both your internal resources and external teaming partners.

Online proposal management software tools for IDIQ and Task Orders

A centralized capture and proposal document repository.


In-depth reporting and analytics.

Get automatically generated reports in the format required by the management team.


Version control and audit trail.

View the complete proposal development history, with all capture and proposal content, including the graphics and resume library, under version control with a full audit trail.


High-speed search.

Use the high-speed search engine to locate and incorporate previous proposal information through full-text, meta-tag and Boolean search capabilities.

Document management software proposal

Extensive System Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with customer relationship management, accounting and other back-office systems, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com and GovWin.