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For some organizations, Octant may not be exactly the right ‘fit’, yet have a need for something more specialized than out-of-the-box Office 365 and SharePoint 2013.  Then a customized Office 365 or SharePoint proposal management solution may be exactly what you need.

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Proposal management software for Microsoft sharepoint

Let us help you implement a custom SharePoint for proposal management solution.

Looking to implement a bid, capture and proposal management solution with Microsoft SharePoint® or Office 365? Octant’s Office 365 and SharePoint experts can equip you with collaboration tools that are easy to use, easy to access, and streamline bid, capture and proposal management – for federal contractors or commercial organizations that create complex proposals. Microsoft SharePoint delivers rich document management and file storage solutions via a Microsoft Office-like interface and is tightly integrated with the Office suite so that you can share documents, manage version control, and centralize the storage of documents.
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Proposal management software SharePoint

SharePoint and Office 365 experts who understand capture and proposal management, plus a whole lot more.

Our SharePoint and Office 365 experts are some of the best in the business. Grounded in years of proposal management expertise, In addition to our Office 365 and SharePoint expertise and proposal management expertise, our team of experts also have experience with information architecture, graphic design, metadata taxonomy design, governance planning, business intelligence, and dashboard solutions. All of which provide value during the implementation and future enhancements to your Office 365 or SharePoint solution.
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If Octant is a good fit for you, OR if you want a customized proposal management for SharePoint system created to meet your specific needs, please get in touch with us to find out how Octant can help you navigate the win.Watch videoIs Octant Right for You?