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Octant provides off-the-shelf software not only enabling but greatly extending SharePoint for Proposal Management so that bid and proposal teams can focus on winning proposals.
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Online proposal management software for sharepoint tools for IDIQ and Task Orders

Navigate the world of RFPs, RFQs and IDIQs easier with our Proposal Management Software.

Proposal Management in large, complex federal government proposals and commercial proposals come in many shapes and sizes. If you are a federal contractor (govcon) looking for proposal management software running on Microsoft SharePoint, Octant can help you. 

Octant provides over 10 years of software development expertise in capture, proposal and IDIQ task order proposal management software tools with its amazing Octant’s Power Tools™. Organizations save literally thousands of hours of time – eliminating the mundane and allowing teams to focus on capturing, qualifying and creating high-quality proposal responses – a task you cannot achieve with basic SharePoint configurations, simple plug-ins and ‘me-too’ so called ‘off-the-shelf’ software tools.

Beyond these specialized proposal management tools we support your entire proposal center with easy to use workflows that make it simple to manage proposals according to your customized proposal processes.

You will see the high value in our software platform as it contains complex and sophisticated software tools for proposal management professionals AND proposal tools administrators, not just simple SharePoint configurations. Our software tools have incredible depth and breadth, all designed over the years to make it easy for you to use SharePoint for your proposal management efforts.

From requests for proposal (RFPs), and indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity (IDIQ), to fast turnaround task orders on multiple award contracts, Octant’s bid and proposal management software helps your virtual proposal center quickly manage the proposal creation process and adapt to the rapid pace of changing customer RFP requirements.

Proposal software for sharepoint

Proposal Management for SharePoint.

Octant amplifies the intent of Microsoft SharePoint for Proposal Management capabilities by going beyond basic SharePoint plugins and simple document management meta-tag techniques. Octant’s platform delivers the right information at the right time in a centralized capture and proposal resource center so that capture and proposal managers can be more productive and improve the content quality of your proposal responses.

First, Octant starts with applying the proposal industry’s best practices of using basic SharePoint techniques to create a central location to manage your proposal opportunities, supporting libraries to store all your proposal documents, images, supporting artifacts (resumes, proposal templates, graphics, etc…) – as well using the document libraries to store your quality control process materials (bid, no-bid, color team review templates, gate review checklists and more).

We actually hope that you have already taken a couple of hours to have built your own centralized proposal management system using SharePoint – using your own customization or webpart plug-ins from various vendors. Then you will already know first-hand how these types of systems fall flat and fail to live up to hyped-up promises. You will have had direct experience illustrating that document management is not proposal management, and how the promise of ‘metatag’ magic is not enough for a truly viable solution for proposal management software solution using SharePoint.

Then with Octant’s decade of software development in this vertical, we take you to the next level. Our software is designed to meet proposal management specific needs with its rich automation tools, like the Octant’s Power Tools™. With the Octant PowerTools™, organizations save literally thousands of hours of time – eliminating the mundane and allowing teams to focus on capturing, qualifying and creating high-quality proposal responses.

For over a decade, we have been creating these single integrated proposal environments built within your SharePoint proposal management environment to allow you to manage business development bid, capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management activities. Let us help you break out of the limits of your existing collaboration tool and take you to the next level!


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Bid, capture and proposal management software

Bring proposal management discipline and order to chaotic proposal environments.

Octant enforces disciplined, fully-customizable proposal management workflows that keep your virtual proposal center in sync and on track. Backed by at-a-glance dashboards, capture, and proposal center managers and proposal management professionals have access to the capabilities they need to drive the streamlined development of winning proposals.

Of course, as an enterprise software platform, we are optimized to allow cross-organizational and teaming partner communication in many ways – and support the most rigid security and firewall/IDS systems.  More importantly, we accomplish this without adding IT support burden.

With our experience in this space, we know the detailed needs of proposal management end-user and administration needs and support all parties to participate in real-time joint editing with simultaneous reviewers for capture and proposal documents and color team reviews – while also connecting to Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics and GovWin to update your other business development infrastructure.

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Quickly spin up proposal management teams and hit the ground running.

  • Octant’s intuitive proposal management capabilities and interface helps even bid and proposal novices, as well as those who are put on a proposal team as subject matter experts or external teaming partners, achieve rapid productivity.
  • Assign people and teammates into the appropriate proposal management roles, put the necessary information at their fingertips, and let them loose (with strict version control enforced, of course).
  • Easily on-board and off-board any proposal resource you need without placing an unnecessary burden on IT – ultimately giving you and your proposal resource center the power and control needed to create a high quality proposal response.

Web base bid and proposal management software for Federal Government Contractors

Higher value than competing 'solutions.'

Octant’s proposal management software platform works with and like the world’s leading business solutions, allowing your people to work within the applications they’re most familiar with AND within a role-tailored environment—reducing training, driving user adoption, and speeding processes for fast and ongoing return on investment.

Octant goes beyond simple plug-ins and basic meta-tag configurations of document collaboration systems with real off-the-shelf software and highly acclaimed engineering and support teams. For those competing vendors claiming to also offer an ‘off-the-shelf’ proposal management software for SharePoint, go ahead and drill into the details of end-user administration, software support, upgrades, access to engineers, and all the benefits that ‘off-the-shelf’ is supposed to mean – and you’ll quickly realize how these are false claims and you will be thanking yourself you didn’t make that recommendation to management!

With over a decade of software development focused around proposal management, you have access to the countless features of our amazing platform – AND perhaps more importantly, you also have direct access to our engineering and customer support teams for immediate support issues!

Take advantage of all those years of proposal management product development and empower your proposal resource center with the Octant’s Power Tools™. We were not joking before when we mentioned about saving time with “shredding” an RFP, content analysis and quality checking tools all built into a single system!

There are additional Octant PowerTools™ for proposal management as well – all designed to eliminate the mundane and allow proposal management teams to focus on creating high-quality, customized proposal responses – a task you cannot achieve with basic collaboration tools, plug-ins and promises from “copy-cat” vendors.

Speaking of “copy-cat” vendors, we are greatly flattered by those ‘competing’ companies that offer proposal management software for SharePoint who lower themselves to actually copying features from our software, copying our marketing content (product names, social media posts, etc..),  and even copying our advertisements almost word-for-word (can you believe that?!?!).  So while they are spending time monitoring our website and copying our software/IP, our team of engineers are busy working on exciting and powerful new features that further help our customers become more efficient and proposal development and proposal administration.

Octant provides over a decade of software development expertise in the Federal Contractor (#GovCon) vertical helping capture, proposal and IDIQ task order management management teams create the infrastructure needed for a centralized proposal resource center.

Octant simplifies the complexities of proposal management and IDIQ task order proposals – and makes it all look seamless – just as easy as it is to buy your Mom a birthday gift from your favorite on-line retailer (see video).

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