Proposal Management Features

In this era of needing to produce more proposals with less time money and resources, saving budgeted dollars is always on your mind. You can rely on our enterprise proposal management software to give you centralized and integrated access to proposal assets so your teams can focus on delivering high quality proposals.

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Proposal Management Goals'

In your proposal management world, imagine if you could:

  • shorten the time to create an RFP response – or use that time to increase proposal quality
  • allow several people on your proposal team to review proposal documents and volumes at the same time
  • establish a 360° view of every proposal opportunity you are tracking
  • maintain your proposal artifacts in a centralized proposal management library for easy access, now and in the future
  • apply proposal analytics to track individual and team performance, wins and losses, pwin, capture ratios and much more…

The result these would mean that you will save time and money, as well as bring order to chaotic proposal environments. That what our Virtual Proposal Centers allow proposal teams to experience – to better manage your proposal processes, improve proposal compliance, and increase your proposal development efficiency – without burning our your proposal team. However, don’t just limit your scope to proposal management – but you can extend Octant into all parts of the full business development life-cycle.

We help you management all parts of the process: capture management, bid management, proposal management, contract deliverable management and IDIQ task order proposal management. Our software is designed to help you find automation solutions to even the most complex bid and proposal management challenges.

Online proposal management software for sharepoint tools for IDIQ and Task Orders

Proposal Management Software Feature: Improved Bid and Proposal Management.

  • Multiple users able to share proposal documents and proposal graphics from any location on any device
  • Conduct your proposal color team reviews using coauthoring – many proposal team members can edit the same proposal documents at the same time
  • Use proposal task lists to assign tasks; track and view progress in a project plan and Gantt Chart layout formats
  • Create a central location for teaming partners to work and share proposal artifacts (previous proposal submissions, proposal graphics, proposal images, proposal sections, proposal templates, etc…)
  • Maintain version control for proposal documents and proposal graphics
  • Maintain and easily access proposal material developed for past bids

Bid, capture management, proposal management and IDIQ task order management software

Proposal Management Software Feature: Maintain Your Strategic Business Investment

  • Enhance visibility into every proposal being tracked by tracking individual and team performance
  • Improve proposal operational efficiency
  • Control intellectual property throughout your proposal process
  • Protect long-term investment in your proposal resource center with the high rates of proposal turn-on
  • Analyze and report on proposal management metrics
  • Role-based security controls access to pricing data, reference materials, and proposal documents or any other  information you want to protect

Proposal software for sharepoint

Proposal Management Software Feature: Work With An Industry Leader.

  • We are a Microsoft® Certified ISV Partner
  • Best practice techniques in proposal management, capture management, contract managements and IDIQ task order management
  • 18 years’ direct experience executing hundreds of proposal workflows, customization and integration
  • Integrate Microsoft SharePoint capabilities with Microsoft Office, Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and GovWin
  • Integration with SalesForce, GovWin, and other ERP systems and advanced customization needed to take your proposal management inefficiencies to the next level