Revolutionary Capture Management Tools for Complete Capture Plan Management

Finally a software tool that tells you exactly where you are in your capture management process without opening yet another PowerPoint or Excel file!

Tired of managing capture plan documents instead of being a star capture manager?

You are FINALLY free of handcuffs of critical capture management information buried deep within PowerPoint, Excel and Word files!!

It’s finally here! A software tool that doesn’t treat your capture plan like just another document in yet another document management system. And worse yet, your critical capture management information is buried deep within PowerPoint, Word (or was it Excel this time?)!

Octant’s capture management tools free you of the many limitations of storing business development information in various file formats. And our database-driven capture management tools give you instantaneous access to critical opportunity-specific information and tie it all together with your uniquely defined gate review and workflow processes. Never be out of control again!

And for those who can’t imagine a capture plan outside of PowerPoint, don’t worry – we still allow you to see it in PowerPoint too (or Word, if that’s your thing)!

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